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Other Services

Family Membership
Any immediate family member may also join the Credit Union. Payroll deductions are especially convenient and easy for making deposits to children's accounts. Family members may also have Direct Deposit from their place of employment.

Automatic Transfers
Many types of transfers can automatically be made within a member's account.  This is especially convenient for members who are no longer eligible for payroll deduction. Loan payments, Holiday and Vacation Clubs can automatically be continued.

Wire Transfers
The Credit Union can wire funds of $100.00 or more to any bank account in the United States. Funds can also be wired into the Credit Union. Call for details .

Retain Your Membership For Life! You may keep all of your accounts open even if you change your employment with a sponsor. Remember, we are here to serve the financial needs of you and your family members. It is your Credit Union! Use it for all it's worth!